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00:00:00 / 01:59:25
Available Formats :

  • Genre : Action, Thriller
  • Runtime : 01:59:25 minutes
    - Quality : HD 1080p
  • Release : Mei 26, 2023
  • Countries : United States, Saudi Arabia
  • Languages : English
  • Production : Dreamwork

User Reviews

  • Leno

    Says : A CIA agent in Afghanistan has to try escape the hostile territory when his disguise is blown. If you apply some suspension of disbelief to accept that it would be possible to a si...

  • MovieGuys

    Says : Yet another military pot boiler, starring, once again, Gerard Butler. Kandahar pretends to be open and inclusive. There's a modest plug for nationalism/patriotism, from the pers...


    Says : The Best...