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00:00:00 / 01:39:25
Available Formats :

  • Genre : Animation, Action, Adventure
  • Runtime : 01:39:25 minutes
    - Quality : HD 1080p
  • Release : August 02, 2023
  • Countries : United States, Japan, Canada
  • Languages : English
  • Production : Dreamwork

User Reviews

  • garethmb

    Says : The popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Franchise has taken a break from the recent live-action updates and has returned to animation to reboot and modernize the franchise. “T...

  • Louisa Moore - Screen Zealots

    Says : One of the greatest surprises of the year has to be “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” a film that I never would’ve expected to be as terrific as it is. Co-directed by Jeff Rowe...

  • CinemaSerf

    Says : Helpfully, for those us who are not turtle-heads, we are provided with a little potted history of just how the four shelled super-heroes were discovered in a sewer by 'Splinter" ha...